Welcome to my front door page. I've known for a touchpad driver and a few UEFI implementations. Feel free to explore what I've done.

This front door page is proudly built without JavaScript.

About Me

Currently working as SRE at LinkedIn. You might also know me from a few interesting projects.


You probably want to visit my Github Profile as it provides latest information of my projects. Sometimes I do random write-up for projects, check out my blog for further information. For the sake of lazy people, I have a list for my projects. Please mind that the list might not be current.

      Precision Touchpad Driver for Apple MacBook and Magic Trackpad 2

      A touchpad driver that sucks less than the BootCamp one. I developed it so I can use my MacBook Pro as a powerful daily driver.


      The foundation of all Lumia 950 (XL) modification projects, including WoA (Windows on ARM) on Lumia 950 (XL), postmarketOS and more.


      Similar to Lumia950XLPkg but less mature. I need to pick up some time to write more drivers, port it to the Jetson Nano board, and write a bunch of Windows drivers to marvel at the creation.


      A network hobbyists' organization. We operate a few ASNs just for fun.


Unfortunately, I don't have many friends (that does not mean I don't have friend). Here's a list of links to a few blogs. Ping me if you want me to loop you in.

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